Broadway Rejects Cabaret.jpg

Broadway Rejects Cabaret:                                       The Songs That Got Away

Directed by Kristen Malarkey

Ages 8-19

Auditions: Dec 9th & 12th: CLOSED

Show Dates: February 8-10

Is everyone having a hard time getting on your level? Does your creativity deserve its own zip code? Do you often sit in your room and wonder why your phone is not ringing off the hook with people begging to invest in your one person show? US TOO!!!! AYT presents an opportunity to let your one-of-a-kind creativity shine in the Broadway Rejects: The Songs that got Away Cabaret!! The cabaret will consist of the three segments below.

Fabulous Flops:

Songs from shows that flopped on Broadway. Sure the show may have flopped, but that doesn’t mean the songs were bad! Those songs have been left out in the cold too long we say. (We will never be over you Carrie: the Musical, Tuck Everlasting, Bonnie & Clyde, Chess, etc.!!)


Songs from Broadway musicals that were cut from the movie version. That’s right. We want to give the songs that were abandoned on the cutting room floor a chance to be heard and adored! (“Home”, “We’re OK”, “Together”, “Henry Street”, “A Bushel and a Peck”, “The Music and the Mirror”, “The Love of my Life”….. we’re only a little bitter).

Vocal Villains:

Are they really villains? Or just misunderstood? Songs from our favorite Broadway villains. And maybe a few of our favorite villains singing the Broadway songs they have always wanted to sing! (Has Ursula always wanted to sing “Memories” from Cats? We’ll never know unless we give her a chance.)